*If there are no job postings listed, please feel free to submit your resume to afebrey@napoleonmachine.com.  We are always interested in connecting with individuals who may be a good fit for our company.

Kevin Febrey - Owner

Mr. Febrey's vision is to maintain an environment that attracts and retains quality individuals who align with our core values: pride in craftsmanship, integrity and reliability.  By focusing on these values, we are able to build and foster long-term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and the community.  We acknowledge the importance of every employee regardless of their role and reward their individual efforts and value to the organization. We are focused on re-investments that will strengthen our family-owned business and ensure our competitiveness in the marketplace.  One of the great advantages in working for a machine shop comes from our ability to adapt to market fluctuation.  We are not captive to one single industry, as the systemic sectors fluctuate we can adapt and serve the needs of customers from various industries.

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