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Napoleon Machine was established in 2010, one year before Kevin Febrey joined the operation as President and managing partner.  Today, he is sole owner and continues to focus on growth, efficiency, quality and strategic relationships.


Mr. Febrey has been a driver of innovation since early on in his career when he started working in a machine shop at the age of 16.  Through many years of hands-on experience, formal education and 25 years of management, Kevin creates an atmosphere that provides a clear vision for his employees and a comprehensive strategy for the health and wealth of the Company. His experience in high-performance machining, modular fixturing, employee development and a strong focus on lean principles has allowed Napoleon Machine to make investments of $2.5M in just 6 years after joining the organization. In every company Mr. Febrey managed, he focused on a strong foundation before building sales and making investments. Kevin believes relationships are key, whether it be employees, customers, or suppliers. He values a good attitude, trust and open, honest communication. “Everyone’s needs can be met if we all communicate and drive towards a common goal.”